The biting cold and whirring drill as a scientist takes samples from Antarctic ice. The low rumble of the mine shaft elevator as a physicist travels down to a dark matter detector miles beneath the Earth. The whomp-whomp of a helicopter's rotors that hover above the savanna while a researcher measures elephant migrations.

Scientists rarely sit still, and science isn’t a product. Science is a process—a process that can take years. And in that process are human stories.

At Science Friday, we bring researchers into your living rooms, classrooms, local bars, and more. This site, Methods, From Science Friday, does the same. But in addition to the latest news, these stories bring you the people behind the science. You’ll see them. You’ll hear them. You’ll feel like you’re right there beside them.

Methods, From Science Friday brings you right into the field alongside the people who are trying to find the answers to the big questions of the universe. Whether it’s the canyons of Utah, the grasslands of Argentina, the deepest reaches of space, or the data servers that make up the internet, you’ll join the researchers on the front lines of scientific discovery.

We’ll take you in the field, on the page.

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